Dangers of Ticks

Ticks present many harmful threats to our family and our pets. Every year ticks transmit disease to tens of thousands of people in the US. Lyme Disease is most commonly associated with ticks, but did you know that ticks also transmit the Heartland Virus and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Ticks are small, annoying pests that bury themselves in your skin and feed off your blood. They can be painful to host and pets. Pulling them out is a dreadful painstaking experience.

What Can I Do?

Be diligent and check yourself, children, and pets regularly if you live in an area that has high tick populations. Once ticks attach to the body, they will stay for hours, days, sometimes even weeks. In order to prevent the transmission of diseases like Lyme Disease prompt removal is critical. CDC Guide to Tick Removal

Mosquito Terminators has an integrated tick control system that offers you peace of mind by controlling the tick population in your yard. The best option to protect your family is to control the tick population where you live and play. The Mosquito Terminators service is effective and it’s guaranteed to work!

Tickborne Diseases

The CDC has listed the diseases most commonly transmitted by ticks. For a full description of the illnesses please visit the page CDC Tickborne Diseases

*Tick services are not available in some states. Please go to the location page and contact your local Mosquito Terminators for details.

CDC Guide to Ticks

CDC Guide to Ticks and Diseases